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exchange rate

Expat exchange rate vs triple lock pension guarantee

A number of the UK’s expats believe that the exchange rate could have more of an impact on their finances than the uncertainty surrounding the triple lock pension guarantee. State Pensions and Triple Lock concerns Expats living in the European Union currently enjoy annual state pension rises, no different to those they’d receive if they […]

dual citizenship

More British seek dual citizenship

Dual citizenship from other EU countries Some pundits blame a lack of faith in Britain’s future for the steep rise in people applying for dual citizenship from other EU countries. Passport officials in Ireland report that in one month, the number of UK-based applications for citizenship has reached the level they would normally expect over […]

Kuwait Expats

Kuwait Expats – driving ban could halt expats

Kuwait Expats – Driving Licences Sometimes when you live and work abroad the laws can suddenly change, putting unexpected hurdles in your path. That’s the case with Kuwait’s proposed driving ban on Kuwait expats receiving permission to drive. MP Safa Al Hashem is calling for a one-year halt on issuing Kuwait driving licences to the […]

Expats Vietnam

Expats Vietnam work-life balance

Expats Vietnam: An expat destination Among the top emerging destinations for expat careers is Vietnam, which is working hard to attract new overseas talent. This exotic Asian country has made rapid progress since making a commitment to major economic reforms thirty years ago, and is developing employee benefits packages for indigenous and new residents as […]

British expats

Is France still a mecca for British expats?

France has one of the largest British expats populations France has one of the largest British expats populations in the world. This led to the popular and picturesque region of Dordogne in southwestern France getting the nickname “Dordogneshire”.  But is it still the idyllic retirement and work destination it once was? We would have to […]

Spring Budget

What did the Spring Budget mean for QROPS?

Spring Budget  The Spring Budget has brought changes to ‘Qualifying Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) . Which will affect expats who want to transfer their pensions outside the EU, New Zealand and Australia. In a policy expected to net the treasury £65 million in 2017/2018, transfers of pensions will now be subject to a 25% tax. […]

expat returning

Expat Returning – Homeward bound can mean getting lost

Expat Returning – The last thing on an expat’s mind is the homeward bound If life overseas is idyllic then the last thing on an expat returning mind is the prospect of being homeward bound and moving back to their home country. But the reality is that sometimes a permanent or temporary return is necessary. For some […]

expat financial wealth management

Expat financial wealth management advice in Canada

Canada Expat Financial Advice If you are living and working in Canada there are different expat financial wealth management services for you. These range from investment management, traditional lending to asset protection and tax planning. Clearly, it’s important that your money is managed correctly. This will provide you with security in retirement and for inheritance […]

Brexit, financial preparations for expats

If you’re one of the British expats living in an EU country you’re likely wondering how Brexit will affect you .What financial preparations you should make ahead of Britain leaving the EU. This is especially for anyone planning on applying for dual citizenship in the country in which they are currently living . Also to ensure […]