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UK Pension Transfer to Canada

UK Pension Transfer to Canada – Still Possible?

UK Pension Transfer to Canada – Is it still possible? Introduction: Canada is a top destination for British Expats with a reported 600,000+ choosing to live in the country. With amazing natural beauty, excellent health care and education systems, there are many reasons British Expats are choosing Canada over and above other expat hotspots. But […]

UK Standard Advice for Expats

UK Standard Advice for Expats

UK Standard Advice for Expats For years, receiving appropriate and value for money financial advice abroad has been a daunting process. The market has been plagued by commission-based advisers, working off opaque and outdated business models that have never really had client interests at heart. Harrison Brook was created to address this problem – we […]

Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund – MNOPF The Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund, also known as MNOPF was formed in 1938 and provides Defined Benefits pensions for ship’s officers and their families. A Defined Benefit pension is a guaranteed income for life from retirement, often with 50% of the annual amount passing to the spouse […]

sustainable investment

Sustainable Investment – The Best Way to Save Our Planet?

“We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe” Elon Musk Global warming and climate change has come to the forefront of not only personal concerns but also as a larger part of corporate dialogue. […]

Finanacial Planning in Portugal

Financial planning in Portugal for Expats

Portugal has been a favourite destination place for a lot of British tourists. The city of Algarve, for example, has been on many must-see places lists. A lot of Brits have already been or started settling in this beautiful southern area. So what makes this country an attractive destination? If you have decided to move […]

move to portugal

Financial Advice for expats in Portugal

Moving abroad? Consider Portugal. So, other than a high quality health system, easy accessibility to the rest of the world and 3300 hours of sunshine a year! What other reason do expats in Portugal have for the move? How about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Resident scheme (NHR)? What is NHR? The NHR is a Portuguese tax regime […]

Expat Ethical Investment

Expat Ethical Investment – Top Things to Know

Are you an expat looking to start investing your savings? Are you also looking for an investment that fits in with your ethical beliefs? At Harrison Brook, we can offer a portfolio of expat ethical investment funds. What are Expat Ethical Investment Options? What we call expat ethical investment is an approach to portfolio management […]

expat wealth management

Expat Wealth Management – Where to start?

It is important to start understanding Expat wealth management in order to be able to take a full approach to manage your financial matters and to be aware of the solutions available to you. What solutions are available to you as an expatriate? The best solutions offered are those which are tailored to your very […]

expats spain

Financial Advice International Expats Spain

Expats Spain – Do you live or plan to move to Spain? Looking for European regulated international portable financial advice? Are you an Expatriate or International, living in Spain? If you are specifically looking for professional expats Spain financial advice/planning, we are here to help. We are experienced and familiar with assisting expats Spain, living and […]

annuities for expats

Annuities for expats – What you need to know

Don’t get talked into buying an annuity. With the right information and research, you should decide whether an annuity is the best choice for you. So what is an annuity? Simply put, an annuity is a product sold mostly by insurance companies. In exchange for a lump sum, they will provide you with a guaranteed […]