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UK frozen pensions

Expat Frozen Pensions

Expat Frozen Pensions Do you hold one or more Expat Frozen pensions? Have you built up numerous pension pots with previous employers? Are you wanting to access your frozen pension or consolidate it into one? The majority of people who have worked in the UK will have contributed to their company pension scheme. Often, when […]


QROPS UK to USA Do you hold UK pensions you wish to transfer to the USA? Do you live in the USA with no intention to return? Do you hold more than one UK private pension you wish to consolidate? In my previous article, we assessed the options available to US residents including the benefits […]

Transfer Defined Benefit Pension to SIPP

Transfer Defined Benefit Pension to SIPP

Transfer Defined Benefit Pension to SIPP A transfer defined benefit pension to SIPP is something that we are often asked if it’s a good idea or not. Defined benefit pension schemes have often been branded the ‘golden handcuffs’ of retirement provisions. The reason for this is twofold: 1) Defined benefit pension schemes guarantee a level […]

UK SIPP for US citizens

UK SIPP for a US citizen

UK SIPP for a US citizen Are you a US citizen with UK Pensions? Do you still have access? Are you wanting to consolidate many pensions into one? Do you simply want the ability to manage your investments? As a US resident or a US citizen you are unfortunately limited in which pension providers you […]

Investing in a crisis

Investing in a crisis

Investing in a crisis Although there has been much talk about a global pandemic in recent years, the question is no longer “What if?”, but “Now what?” The past few weeks have been, without doubt, unprecedented in modern financial history. The speed of the decline in global markets last month caught even the most experienced […]