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Partner Visa – your ticket to Australian residency

australia partner visa

Your ticket to Australia may involve a partner visa…

Australia is one of the most popular countries chosen by would-be migrants thanks to its climate, lifestyle, and career opportunities. One way of gaining Aussie citizenship is through a partner visa. Read on for a quick overview of what’s required.

What defines a ‘partner’?

For someone to qualify as your Australian partner, you must either be:

• Married to them
• Living with them
• In an ongoing relationship that may lead to marriage or civil ceremony

Your partner needs to be an eligible citizen of New Zealand, an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia.

Visa qualification criteria

In general, you won’t be granted permanent residency until at least two years after you apply. However, if your partner dies during the waiting period and you can prove that your relationship would have continued, an exception may be made.

If you’re married, the marriage must be proven legal as per Australian law. If you are in a same-sex partnership, you can still apply for a partner visa provided your relationship can be proven to be ‘de facto’. This also applies to couples who are living together.

What constitutes a ‘de facto’ relationship?

For your relationship to be considered de facto you must be over 18. And, been living with your partner for a minimum of a year prior to applying for a partner visa. Dating doesn’t count. An exception to this rule may be made if you have dependent children.

What other requirements are there?

As part of your application, you must be in good health and you must attend a health examination with a designated doctor prior to making your visa application. You will also need to provide a police certificate relevant to each country in which you’ve lived since the age of 16. If you have a criminal record, you will not be granted a visa.

You must also be financially solvent, and this is where an expert in expat financial matters becomes invaluable. You must be prepared to discuss UK pension transfer if appropriate, savings plans, and current bank accounts, in addition to ensuring that your estate and will are adjusted accordingly.

In conclusion

This article provides you with a very basic overview of the minimum requirements that you’ll need to fulfil in order to apply for a partner visa for Australia. There are other requirements too that apply to most types of visas, and a good migration consultant will explain all of these to you in greater detail. However, you will also need to discuss all your financial matters with a specialist expat financial adviser before you commence the migration process. So, get in touch today

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