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Financial Planning In Spain

Can I have a SIPP if I Live Abroad?

UK SIPP Abroad as a Non-Resident One of the main concerns Expats have when moving abroad is managing their retirement provisions and pension pots. Cross-border financial planning has been a notoriously tricky area, with various tax-wrappers, pensions and products in play. So what are the options as a non-UK resident, and can you still have […]

No American QROPS – You can still transfer UK Pensions

US Resident Receiving a UK Pension

US Resident Receiving a UK Pension Cross-border financial planning can become incredibly complex, especially when you factor in different jurisdictions and tax authorities, such as the IRS and HMRC. As a US resident with UK pension provisions, you may be confused as to what your best options are, or whether you should consider transferring your […]

transfer workplace pension to an international sipp

Transfer Workplace Pension to an International SIPP

Transfer Workplace Pension to an International SIPP Do you want to transfer your workplace pension to an International SIPP? Do you hold old workplace pensions in the UK which you would like to access? Often when relocating abroad legacy pension schemes, whether workplace pensions or personal pensions, tend to take a back seat in the […]

ReAssure Pension Transfer

ReAssure Pension Transfer for Non UK Residents

ReAssure Pension Transfer (For non UK residents only) Do you hold a UK ReAssure Pension? Are you unable to access the monies and investments in your ReAssure Pension? Does your ReAssure scheme not allow access as a non UK resident? Are you looking for a ReAssure pension transfer? We have been inundated by ReAssure Pension […]

UK Pension after Brexit

UK Pension after Brexit

UK Pension after Brexit (Please note this article does not apply to UK State pensions) With Brexit now completed there are many concerns and unanswered questions regarding the effects on a UK pension, in post Brexit times.  Within this article we will cover the key areas and implications of Brexit. As it stands there is […]