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While there are many different routes to building up a decent sized fortune, one of the oldest , and still a firm favourite for many people, is  investing in property.

Lots of people prefer this approach as property is tangible, easily understood, and historically has proven to be a very resilient investment vehicle over time. One note of caution here, property by its very nature is not a “liquid investment” and therefore this needs to be factored into overall advice when being considered as an investment.


Indeed many investors stick to property as their sole preferred method of investing in an attempt to create wealth and capital for themselves and their families.

For potential clients and investors however there are a few basic “common sense” parameters to be considered as with any investment.

For example ,the majority of clients who seek independent financial advice would most likely be guided towards understanding that property investing is just one avenue of achieving their dreams of financial freedom, and should be viewed  in the overall context of their entire portfolio.

This benefits the investor by giving then a holistic view of their true financial position, aims, timelines, and chances of making dreams a reality.  It allows them to diversify into other areas when/if required, and this can better help investors deal with times when financial shocks, delays and life impact them.

Most expats may not be aware that they can qualify for a mortgage to buy properties in the UK while they are currently working/living offshore. This can be particularly true for those living/working in highly paid, low taxed jobs in the middle east.

There are a number of criteria involved, but chief among them is the need to be guided by someone who is very experienced and expert in this arena, as there can be many pitfalls for the unwary.

How can we help?

We here at Harrison Brook have been involved in securing mortgages for expats to buy UK property for a number of years, and one of our key strengths is the fact that we take a client all the way through the process to final ownership and beyond.

Indeed obtaining a mortgage and helping a client to start on the road to having 1 or multiple property/properties is usually the prelude to being able to assist them with their other financial goals, which can include tax efficient saving and investing, wealth accumulation, succession planning, secure retirement to mention a few.

We do this by having access to to the most tax efficient savings advice and products on the market, and the ability to refer clients , (where required) for specialist tax planning and legal services.

As stated earlier there are numerous criteria associated with obtaining a successful outcome when needing a mortgage to help buy property, but the first and most important step is a brief, completely free initial consultation to assess each individual proposition. So, contact Harrison Brook today.


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