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QROPS expensive

Why is my QROPS Expensive?

Ever wondered why is my QROPS expensive? Many ex-pats have been sold a QROPS on the basis of tax efficiency, ability to draw down your pension “tax-free” and removing your pension pot from UK regulation. Within this article, however, we are going to specifically look at the overall cost of different QROPS. We will compare […]

Prudential - taking your pension

Prudential – Taking your pension

Prudential – Taking your pension Have you recently received a letter from Prudential regarding your existing scheme and taking your UK pension? The letter states the following headings: Fund Value Taking your pension Make an informed decision It is meant to be a clear summary of the options available to you now that you have […]

Transfer UK Pension to Canada RRSP

Transfer UK Pension to Canada RRSP

Retirement Planning in Canada – Canada RRSP Moving abroad can be equally as daunting as it may be exciting. Whilst moving abroad has several perks, maintaining a coherent financial plan is not one of them. Retirement planning is increasingly become more complex in the UK and the rest of Europe. This only becomes more confusing […]

UK Pension Transfer to Canada

UK Pension Transfer to Canada – Still Possible?

UK Pension Transfer to Canada – Is it still possible? Introduction: Canada is a top destination for British Expats with a reported 600,000+ choosing to live in the country. With amazing natural beauty, excellent health care and education systems, there are many reasons British Expats are choosing Canada over and above other expat hotspots. But […]

uk pension transfer canada

Transfer UK Private Pension to Canada

Transfer UK Private Pension to Canada Have you worked in the UK and hold a UK Private Pension you wish to transfer to Canada? Are you a Canadian Resident with old legacy pensions you now wish to consolidate? Within this article, we look at the options available to Canadian residents with UK Pensions, factors to […]

Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund – MNOPF The Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund, also known as MNOPF was formed in 1938 and provides Defined Benefits pensions for ship’s officers and their families. A Defined Benefit pension is a guaranteed income for life from retirement, often with 50% of the annual amount passing to the spouse […]

international SIPP benefits

Best International SIPP: The Expat Pension Solution?

Are you looking for the best International SIPP out there? Retirement planning has always been one of the most complex areas of financial planning. With so many different solutions available, all with differing features, picking the product that universally suits your needs can quickly become overwhelming. Add in the fact that you may have moved […]

Section 32 Buyout Harrison Brook

Section 32 Pensions for Expats – What you should know

Section 32 Pensions for Expats – What is it? A Section 32 Pension is an old pension policy, used mainly pre 1988 to transfer pensions rights that had been built up in a workplace scheme, into an individual pension policy. They were often used if an occupational scheme was about to be wound up or […]

QROPS Australia

QROPS Australia – Is it the right option for you?

If you are planning to move to Australia whether as a retiree or to work then considering what you want to do with your UK pension should be a priority. There are various options available to you depending on what your requirements, position and intentions are. A QROPS Australia is one of these options. Australian […]

pension protection fund

What is the Pension Protection Fund (PPF)?

A Brief History of the Pension Protection Fund The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) was founded as part of the Pensions Act in 2004 and officially ‘opened’ in 2005. It is a statutory public corporation accountable to Parliament through the Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Although set up by the […]