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Wealth Tax In Spain 2020 for Expats

Wealth tax in Spain will apply for 2020.  Wealth tax is an annual tax, payable on the total net value of your assets as at 31st December. If you are resident in Spain you are liable for your worldwide assets. Non-residents only pay wealth tax on assets located in Spain. Allowances mean that many people […]

Financial advice for expats in Mumbai

Financial advice for expats in Mumbai

Financial advice for expats in Mumbai It has recently been reported that Mumbai’s expats are the world’s highest paid according to an HSBC survey. With high earnings brings the need for financial advice for expats in Mumbai. We receive numerous inquiries regarding what options are available to an expat in Mumbai to get their money working […]

setting up business abroad

Succeeding in business abroad

Want to set-up overseas? Here’s our business abroad checklist… While many British citizens become expats in order to enjoy their retirement abroad, others leave the UK for more entrepreneurial reasons. Some expats yearn to start their own businesses abroad, thereby generating money that they can use to enjoy their new countries. If you’re one of […]

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Family Fortunes – Managing Expat Wealth through the Generations

Managing Expat Wealth: In 2015 George Osborne’s pension freedoms created a dash for cash by retirees. The public might want to focus their attention on the tail-end of his changes – the ability to cascade cash down the generations to manage their expat wealth. The ‘Fifties generation (BIFs) The post-war demographic boom that created the […]