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Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions

Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions

Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions Pension sharing order for UK company pensions has become more and more common in recent times. The process itself is not overly complex and there are a number of companies in the UK, who can assist with this. The issue arises when you are no longer a […]

BBC pension scheme

Do you hold a BBC pension scheme?

Do you hold a BBC pension scheme? We have recently been contacted by a number of clients who have received details of their defined benefits BBC pension scheme and the options available to them. The letter from the BBC states you have 2 options. Option 1: Claim your full BBC pension. This means the full defined […]

Retirement Financial Advice

Retirement Financial Advice?

Retirement Financial Advice First of all when people hear the words “retirement financial advice” they immediately think of pensions, wealth management and personal finance advisers. As well as whether or not they have enough money to enjoy life once retired. Money is an important factor upon retiring, however, it is not the only aspect to […]

stakeholder pension

Can I transfer my stakeholder pension?

Stakeholder Pension Transfer?  Is a Stakeholder Pension Transfer possible? This is a question we are getting asked more and more at Harrison Brook. With pensions being at the height of current affairs, everything from a QROPS to a SIPP being discussed, it is important to define exactly what a Stakeholder pension is. Stakeholder pensions are […]


How will retiring abroad affect your pension?

Retiring abroad If you’re approaching retirement age, the chances are you’ve spent a good few months thinking about how you’ll spend the upcoming years. You may plan to travel, take up a new hobby, spend more time with family or even take on another type of job. For many people, however, the lure of hot […]

Guernsey QNUPS

Investing in Property in the UK from your (Guernsey QNUPS) pension

What is a Guernsey QNUPS? In simple terms a QNUPS (Qualifying Non UK Pension Scheme) is a qualifying non UK pension scheme that is UK tax recognised. They are established primarily to secure additional pension income for a individual upon retirement. The UK Property Marketplace After a fairly tumultuous period there is still great interest […]