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move to portugal

Financial Advice for expats in Portugal

Moving abroad? Consider Portugal. So, other than a high quality health system, easy accessibility to the rest of the world and 3300 hours of sunshine a year! What other reason do expats in Portugal have for the move? How about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Resident scheme (NHR)? What is NHR? The NHR is a Portuguese tax regime […]

No American QROPS – You can still transfer UK Pensions

No American QROPS – You can still transfer UK Pensions

Are you aware that HMRC has cut all American QROPS? From the 9th March 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in his annual budget the introduction of an Overseas Transfer Charge (OTC). The OTC is, in essence, a 25% tax on any pension transfer to a QROPS for those that reside outside of the EEA […]

mortgage in france

Obtaining a Mortgage in France or Monaco

Purchasing a property can be a complicated process and when that purchase is abroad with a foreign language it can become that much more difficult. As your independent bilingual mortgage adviser we will help to liaise with the banks and all relevant notary, estate agent and other intermediary interactions in order to make the purchase […]

expat tax in spain

Expat Tax in Spain

With Spain being one of the top destinations for expats, have you considered the tax implications that are required and, how sufficient wealth advice can help? Under the current rules, you are liable for tax in Spain on worldwide assets if you are here for 183 days or more. This still applies even if you […]

British expats in Thailand

British Expats in Thailand – The Expat Guide.

Expats in Thailand You’ve spent your working life building and growing your pension pot. All those hours worked to support your family and your future should not be threatened by the insecurity of the British economy in these changing times. But what can you do? It’s time to fulfil your dreams of retiring abroad… and […]

Retirement Financial Advice

Retirement Financial Advice?

Retirement Financial Advice First of all when people hear the words “retirement financial advice” they immediately think of pensions, wealth management and personal finance advisers. As well as whether or not they have enough money to enjoy life once retired. Money is an important factor upon retiring, however, it is not the only aspect to […]

Africa for expats

Nigeria or South Africa? Which is best for expats?

Africa for expats,  Nigeria or South Africa? Here’s what you should know before making a decision… Not only is Africa rich with culture and history it has, as a whole, has seen impressive economic growth and advances in political stability in recent years. Making Africa for expats an ideal place to explore opportunity. But, when it […]


Moving to Brunei with your family?

Moving abroad with your family? How about Moving to Brunei… Most people have heard of Brunei however very few could place it on a map. Yet there are currently around 160,000 expats residing there, making up 40% of the total population. Is moving to Brunei a good idea? For those that visit, they would find the […]

Moving to Oman

Why Oman? Healthcare, Jobs, Lifestyle, Schools.

What you need to know about moving to Oman… For many Moving to Oman is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about moving abroad. But with a strong, and growing, infrastructure, job opportunities, cheap (and luxury) accommodation and good health care and schools, Oman could be the perfect destination for you […]

French mortgage

French mortgage – finding the right one for you

Making the move… You may need a mortgage first.  So, the allure of sunny weather, beautiful beaches, old cities, hiking spots and good food has pushed you to purchase a property in France. But what are the next steps toward making this dream a reality? Well, first of all, you will need to arrange a […]