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brexit as an Expat

How to survive Article 50 Brexit as an expat

Article 50 – Brexit as an Expat On the 28th of March, Prime Minister Theresa May signed Article 50, thereby triggering the beginning of the Brexit process. But what does Brexit as an Expat mean? We’ve discussed what Brexit as an Expat means for expats and prospective expats several times on this blog. However, now […]

Expats Vietnam

Expats Vietnam work-life balance

Expats Vietnam: An expat destination Among the top emerging destinations for expat careers is Vietnam, which is working hard to attract new overseas talent. This exotic Asian country has made rapid progress since making a commitment to major economic reforms thirty years ago, and is developing employee benefits packages for indigenous and new residents as […]

British expats

Is France still a mecca for British expats?

France has one of the largest British expats populations France has one of the largest British expats populations in the world. This led to the popular and picturesque region of Dordogne in southwestern France getting the nickname “Dordogneshire”.  But is it still the idyllic retirement and work destination it once was? We would have to […]


401k Roth IRA Rollover Rules

US Expat moved offshore and still have a 401k based in the US? Already a US expat living offshore and have 401K or Roth IRA. The process of rolling over or transferring your current 401K scheme is now relatively easy with most providers. With offshore scheme provider’s available you can still invest within the US […]

Spring Budget

What did the Spring Budget mean for QROPS?

Spring Budget  The Spring Budget has brought changes to ‘Qualifying Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) . Which will affect expats who want to transfer their pensions outside the EU, New Zealand and Australia. In a policy expected to net the treasury £65 million in 2017/2018, transfers of pensions will now be subject to a 25% tax. […]

Spanish Tax

Spanish Tax Authorities are getting tougher!

Spanish Tax Authorities getting tougher! The Spanish tax office has announced new measures to crack down on tax fraud. Their tax plan for 2017 revealed new IT tools and processes that will make it easier to investigate the Spanish tax affairs of wealthy individuals. Tax Fraud sounds very serious and of course it is. However, […]

tax rule change

Tax rule change for expats on UK property

New tax rule change could mean the tax bill outweighs the benefits Are you a UK Property Tax Expat? The UK government has introduced various changes that make owning property in the UK a less attractive place for a UK Property tax expat. This comes from a tax rule change point of view.  Non-UK residents […]

Brexit, financial preparations for expats

If you’re one of the British expats living in an EU country you’re likely wondering how Brexit will affect you .What financial preparations you should make ahead of Britain leaving the EU. This is especially for anyone planning on applying for dual citizenship in the country in which they are currently living . Also to ensure […]