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Investing in a crisis

Investing in a crisis

Investing in a crisis Although there has been much talk about a global pandemic in recent years, the question is no longer “What if?”, but “Now what?” The past few weeks have been, without doubt, unprecedented in modern financial history. The speed of the decline in global markets last month caught even the most experienced […]

pension protection fund

What is the Pension Protection Fund (PPF)?

A Brief History of the Pension Protection Fund The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) was founded as part of the Pensions Act in 2004 and officially ‘opened’ in 2005. It is a statutory public corporation accountable to Parliament through the Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Although set up by the […]

Closed book bonds

‘Closed Book’ Insurance & Investment Bonds

‘Closed Book’ bonds, what are they? Quite simply, they are Insurance & Investment policies that are now closed to new business and are no longer sold. However, they still remain on the books of the life insurance provider as premium-paying policies. Closed book business has become a major issue in the insurance industry. Indeed, contracts […]

Deutsche Lufthansa pension

Deutsche Lufthansa Pension

Europe has some of the worst-funded pension schemes in the world and among them are several airlines and aerospace companies. In a recent study that looked at over 9,000 global companies, Deutsche Lufthansa ranked in the top 20 of companies with the biggest deficits when compared to sales, according to MSCI. Increased costs, low interest […]


Brexit Winners & Losers – Brexit Frankfurt

Brexit Frankfurt With a little less than a year to go before the UK formally leaves the EU, it is still very difficult to predict with any certainty, what Brexit will look like and who the eventual winners & losers may be. There are, however, some areas that in recent months have become a little […]

clerical medical bond

Do you hold a Clerical Medical Bond?

Clerical Medical International offshore Bonds Many investors own an International Offshore investment Bond and a number of the original providers of those Bonds have subsequently sold their ‘book’ of clients to other providers. Although a continuation of the original terms & conditions and service levels should be expected, many policyholders are not aware of those […]

Financial Advisor in Luxembourg

Expat Financial Advisor Luxembourg

Financial Advisor in Luxembourg Just as there are many reasons why expats choose to live and work in Luxembourg, there are many reasons for seeking financial advice. It is also important to understand the various forms of financial advice and what each financial advisor can offer. Understanding Financial Advice The most comprehensive advice, taking into […]

guernsey QROPS. Financial advice for expats

Is my Guernsey QROPS secure?

Guernsey QROPS Did you transfer to a Guernsey QROPS? Are you aware of the changes to legislation? Read on to find out how you may have been impacted. For many people who transferred their UK pension(s) to a QROPS in Guernsey some years ago, the choice of a stable offshore location at that time was […]

Should I transfer to a QROPS

Should I transfer to a QROPS?

Should I transfer to a QROPS? When you’re an expat, finances can (and invariably do) get complicated. In today’s article, we’re going to identify when expats should be considering a QROPS – and perhaps crucially, answer the question ‘Should I consider a QROPS transfer’? Let’s set an example: take a person aged in their mid-fifties […]

global super commuters

Global super commuters vs traditional expats

Are you a global commuter or simply someone with feet in two countries? Changes in the expat work market The traditional image of an expat as someone who has moved to a new country to work or retire is being blurred by a wide range of other overseas movers and business makers. For some people, […]